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Sanding & FinishingPre Treatment Wood Lye White with Color Oil Extra Grey

Sanding & FinishingPre Treatment Wood Lye White with Color Oil Extra Grey


Please Note Pricing is Per Square Foot.  There is a $2,500 Minimum in NJ & $3,500 Minimum in NY for Sanding and Finishing.  Please scroll to view additional Job Prep, Disposal and Repair Fees. 


Designer & Architect Favorite- Unlimited Customizations 


30% Choose 


  • Sand Floors Bare, restore to new-like condition 

  • Choose Color, From Diamond Package  

  • Eco-friendly, zero VOC & unlimited customizations 

  • Pre-treatments (Lyes, Reactive Stains & Pre-Colors) 

  • Hard wax oils, natural oils & water base, the world's most eco-friendly products 

  • Imported from around the world 


0% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), nor does it contain other harmful chemicals. Color may be combined or used in combination with pre-treatments for unlimited choice. Natural solution for protecting and enhancing the appearance of wood in one layer. The natural ingredients on which the oils are based generate a molecular reaction with the exposed cellulose fibers of the wood. The surface will be touch dry within minutes, moisture resistant within 48 hours and will be fully cured within 6 days of application. Please avoid wet cleaning during the curing period. 


Made from the absolute finest quality ingredients, the oil has a solid content of >90% and is suitable for machine-application when finishing all species of wood.   


Diamond Oil Active’s unique hyper cross linking technology gives your wood surface:  

  • color and finish in one product  

  • non-slip surface  

  • water repellent surface  

  • durable surface for busy residential households and high traffic commercial spaces.     

  • low, matte sheen   


Diamond Oil Active is the green way to finish hardwood floors.   Once a wood surface is first finished it's easy to restore and revive as needed.   


Please note the price per square foot does not include Job Preparation Costs which range from $500-$2000 in NJ and $1000-$3000 in NY, nor does it include cost of disposal which ranges from $200-$1000 in NJ and $500-$2000 in NY. Additionally, repairs are not included in this price. After submittal of purchase order, we will contact you to create a finalized estimate including the costs of these items based on the size and location of your project. 

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