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Step 1: Choose from the Three Color Collections Below
Step 2: Select the Color You Would Like For Your Wood Floor
Step 3: Input your Square Footage

Please note sanding of steps starts at $100 per step

The minimum sanding and finishing job is $3000 in NJ & $3500 in NYC


Family Favorite: Eco-Friendly, 0-VOC

  • Sand Floors Bare, Restore to New-Like Condition

  • Choose Color Stain from Platinum Package

  • Eco-friendly, Zero VOC

  • Hard Wax oils, Natural Oils & Water Base, the World's Most Eco-Friendly Products

  • Imported from Italy & Belgium

0% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), nor does it contain other harmful chemicals 40 colors of oil which may be combined or used in combination with pre-treatments for unlimited choice. Natural solution for protecting and enhancing the appearance of wood in one layer. The natural ingredients on which the oils are based generate a molecular reaction with the exposed cellulose fibers of the wood.


Designer & Architect Favorite- Unlimited Customizations

  • Sand Floors Bare, restore to new-like condition

  • Choose Color, From Diamond Package

  • Eco-friendly, zero VOC & unlimited customizations

  • Pre-treatments (Lyes, Reactive Stains & Pre-Colors)

  • Hard wax oils, natural oils & water base, the world's most eco-friendly products

  • Imported from around the world

The leading plant-based, environmentally responsible, sustainable, nonpolluting, durable wood finish, with no artificial color pigments or preservatives.Diamond oil contains primarily cold pressed vegetable oils and aromatic hardening oils, penetrate into the surface of the wood floor and, as they cure, harden to form a very protective surface that becomes part of the wood floor. This means that normal wear and tear, such as small scratches and indentations, do not show up as much as on a floor with a urethane finish.


ZERO VOC is a completely solvent-free water based aliphatic polyurethane finish. ZERO VOC can be used as a single component product or as two-component product after adding ZERO VOC BOOST. Produced with partially renewable raw materials. ZERO VOC is ideal for use in the green building sector and when applied directly to the wood it does not alter the shade and gives it a very natural effect. Available in matte finish or satin finish.

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