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Why Choose Go Green Wood Floors?

Go Green Wood Floors specializes in zero and low VOC wood flooring finishes. We believe your family's health comes first, you should choose a company that is focused on your wellbeing and delivers a floor that lasts a lifetime. 

Go Green Wood Floors is a brand by Huggins Wood Floor Specialist, a company founded by NWFA certified inspector, installer and sander, Joe Avila. Mr. Avila has been specializing in green-friendly finishes for over 20 years and offers expert guidance on refinishing your wood floors. From choosing the color, adding custom color treatments and even preparing for space for your project, Joe Avila has the knowledge to guide you through your project and leave you with a gorgeous end product safe for your family and pets.  

Why Choose a Green Friendly Finish?

Whatever floor finish you choose, different products will have different impacts on your home air quality and the planet. Like paints, floor finishes will contain varying levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). While the smell may be gone in days or weeks, the effects won't be. It will take months before VOCs in any surface finishes stop polluting your air, which can cause or aggravate a multitude of health problems. And the production and disposal of these chemicals have a similar effect on the health of our planet.

In construction, the maximum concentration of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) is often specified by LEED, the U.S. Green Building Council, and many other federal and state authorities. The maximum allowable limits for VOC emissions include all the materials that can give off VOCs including paints, carpets, millwork, etc., and may limit the type of finish that can be used on the floors so that it fits within the specified limits.

VOCs are emitted as gases from certain solids or liquids such as paints, varnishes, cleaning agents, cosmetics, degreasers, and hobby products. If the end-user has chosen safe indoor air quality as a priority, it is important to educate them about other potentially harmful products that they may be using already, and perhaps suggest more favorable options.

Choosing a finish becomes a real balancing act with many factors to consider. Typically, the end-user’s main concerns are appearance, longevity, maintenance, and air quality. Choose from our vast selection of green friendly finishes 

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